Q - Change Weapons 

ARROWS(or AWSD) - Move

Mouse - Aim

Mouse Click - Shoot

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Short horror game (5 waves and 1 boss fight) that was done in about 2.5 days. Me and my brother had plans to add shotgun and grenades, fix some collider issues, balance the audio, add more enemies and a jump attack for the boss but we were very short on time. Anyways it was a great experience to do our first Game Jam. I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave us your rating and feedback. We plan to apply all the great recommendations that we get from you to make the 1.1 version as fun as it can be :). Thank you for your support.


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Quite fun!

Thank you! i'm glad you liked it. FYI there is an updated version on our website that has 2 different guns (machine gun & shotgun) and also grenades, if you want to check it out. version has that too :)

Its  a great  game, i liked the graphics(Lego like!)